Who are we ?


Euroguards, a company with limited liability, was founded in 2006 by Luc Bisci, working in the security branch since 1994 as a bodyguard for various Belgian wealthy families.

We have a team of 20 agents that can be increased using a recrutement pool that is regularly updated.

The team of Euroguards follows continuously trainings with the purpose of maintaining their high quality skills and keeping them informed of the latest techniques and technologies to improve our procedures.
The staff of Euroguards is fully in conformity with the legal requirements imposed by the legislation on employment and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Euroguards provides a customized and high service. The founder selects its human resources on the basis of demanding criteria:

  • bilingual (French – Dutch)
  • flawless appearance and with outspoken diplomatic skills
  • high precision in the execution of tasks and timetables